The Most Expensive Hotel in the World is in.. (Where?!)

June 7, 2016

Looking for a weekend escape between the 17th-19th of June?


Your net-worth is in the few millions (or even billions)?


Then get your private jet ready, go to and look for the best possible hotel to stay in the world! Money is not an issue - you have so much that you don't care. 


First attempt London. 


The financial capital of the world, the city with the most expensive real estate on the planet. Surely the most expensive hotel must be here. 


Is it the Savoy Hotel in London? 

£2,556 for 2 nights. That surely must be as expensive as it gets. Right? 


But there is also the 5 star Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard with magnificent views over London. 


 Hmm, £19 more expensive. 


You are not yet satisfied!


You are looking for the ultimate luxury, you really want to burn your cash!


Next Destination New York. The capital of the world, the financial centre of America. Where else would you look other than the Four Seasons hotel? 

This would set you back £3,596 but this is still small change for you. 


OK pass. Next Hong Kong.


The financial centre of Asia, the city where property can cost $100,000/square meter. You look into the five star intercontinental hotel with the beautiful views of Victoria harbour. 


 £679? Really? That's the most expensive that Hong Kong can get? You are greatly disappointed by Hong Kong.


OK back to Europe again. 


Next Destination Zurich, Switzerland.


The city with more millionaires per capita than anywhere else on the planet, the city with one of the most expensive real estates on the planet and the city with the highest salaries in the world. You say to yourself Zurich will not disappoint me. 


 Now we are talking. £5,923 for 2 days in Zurich. But again you are so vastly wealthy that you want better. 


OK, maybe an apartment in Zurich with a Butler?