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Unique Gifts To Buy This Christmas

As Christmas inevitably grows closer, the frantic rush will begin for all those stressed and tired shoppers desperately wondering what to buy their nearest and dearest.

Picture this familiar scene... mums haphazardly grasping at old fashioned wooly jumpers, dads looking puzzled in the jewellery section and unorganised young lovers worryingly calling their parents for tips on what to get their better half, to stop them getting dumped like an old sack of coal!

However, with this guide, you can avoid the shops, the crowds, the guess-work and the ques knowing you have it all covered. If your loved ones are definitely on the nice list and deserve more than just a pair of socks this Christmas, then follow this guide for a seamless Christmas shopping experience.

1. Scrap book

What: A scrap book full of pictures, captions and fond memories is sure to be a top option for anyone this Christmas. It is certainly personal and definitely a much needed reminder of how sentimental it can be to see a picture in real life as opposed to on a screen! With this option you can go to town on pictures, stickers, funny captions and even saved train tickets or other personal memorabilia!

Where: You can buy a decent quality scrapbook from WH Smith, Hobbycraft or Paperchase.

Price: This depends on the size, quality and whether you get any stickers with it. For a good quality scrapbook you can pay anywhere from £5-£35.

2. Ticket to a concert or play

What: Tickets to a concert, music gig, theatre production or art exhibition can be a great way to show that you have considered their interests far beyond their favourite sweatshirt. Whether you buy them tickets for yourself to go with them or for them to take someone else, it always feels that extra bit special as you are creating a memory that lasts forever - rather than until it goes out of fashion!

Where: This depends on where you are. Great examples can be the Sheffield Arena, The Crucible & Lyceum theatres, The Leadmill and many other venues across the city.

Price: On average, for 2 tickets to a concert, gig or play you can pay anywhere between £30-£100.

3. A board game

What: A board game certainly doesn't have to be boring, it is a great way to get all the family involved this Christmas. There are the old classics to chose from, such as Cluedo, Monopoly, Articulate, Trivial Pursuits and Charades. Or if you are fancying something new, Pieface and Watch Ya' Mouth are sure to get everyone in (messy) hysterics.

Where: There are plenty of places to buy games online and in the shops. If you prefer online, try Amazon, Ebay or Smyths Toys. If you are looking in the shops, you can find most board games in big supermarkets or departments stores such as Tesco, John Lewis, Debenhams and Asda.

Price: Depending on the game, ranging from £10-£30.

4. Spa day

What: This is a perfect gift for mums, partners, best friends or even both parents to spend together. We all know that life can be stressful, so a spa day can be a great way to relax and spend some quality time with someone. This is also a perfect solo gift for someone if they feel like some 'me' time. After all, everyone likes to be pampered now and again!

Where: There are plenty of Spa's in Sheffield, such as Spa 1877, the Mercure Hotel, Kenwood Hall and many more. Or if you fancy travelling further afield there are loads of great spas in York, Harrogate and Leeds.

Price: This really depends on the type of treatment, length of stay and whether you would like to include extra goodies such as Afternoon Tea. Generally this is a more luxurious gift and can range anywhere between £45-£200+.

Did you know? All of our stays at our St Paul's Apartments include complementary access to the Mercure Hotel Spa.

5. Day out

What: Planning and paying for a day of jam-packed day of activities can be an extra special gift for someone this Christmas. There are hundreds of things you could plan, allowing you to get creative! For example, you could start by taking them to their favourite brunch spot, followed by a manicure, the cinema or bowling, then finishing the day off with a late lunch at the best burger joint in town!

Where: Of course, this can be flexible! For inspiration on this, see our previous blog post "The perfect day in Sheffield".

Price: This depends on the activity. But as an estimate based on our previous blog post (The perfect day in Sheffield), based on the price for 2 people: Breakfast (£14), Bus (£10), hot chocolate (£5), dinner and drinks (£50) in total, you are looking at spending roughly £80 for a day of for 2 people.

6. Something unique to their city

What: Sheffield is rich in culture and history so there are plenty of unique gifts you can get for your loved ones. Of course, this same rule applies for any home city or town! Sheffield is most famous for its steel industry, so a great idea would be something made of original Sheffield steel.

If you are interested in art, Pete Mckee has some excellent, Sheffield-inspired pieces that feature football, Henderson's relish and music. Finally, if your family/friend is into football, what better way to say Merry Christmas then buying some football memorabilia for their collection - vintage or personalised is also extra impressive!

Where: There are hundreds of places to find unique gifts from you city. In this case, for Sheffield, here are a few:

1.The Famous Sheffield Shop - 475 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8PP.

2. A Month of Sundays - 356 Sharrow Vale Rd, Sheffield S11 8ZG.

3. The SUFC & SWFC Stores - Sheffield United Football Club, Bramall Ln, Sheffield S2 4SU & Penistone Rd N, Sheffield S6 1SW.

Price: Depending on the product the price range you can look at anywhere from £15-£300+.

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