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Landlord Services

Are you a Landlord? Become a Partner!

We offer two options for Landlords. Guaranteed Rent and Commission based property management for properties used as holiday rentals.


Rent Guaranteed scheme is ideal if you already have an apartment that you rent out, possibly on a long term basis, but you are tired with all the estate agent fees and you would prefer a more worry free experience without having to deal with bad guests and vacant periods. We will fully manage your property and offer you a monthly rent, which will be guaranteed for the duration of the contract. We will also guarantee to return your property in the same condition that you gave it to us.


Our commission based management is ideal if have a property that you advertise on vacation rental websites such as airbnb or HomeAway and you are looking for a hands free solution, where you would not have to worry about pretty much anything except collecting profits! We can also maximise your profits by utilising our years of experience in this sector. 

Guaranteed Rent Scheme

  • We pay you monthly rent directly to your bank account.

    • This is guaranteed for the duration of the contract.

  • No Vacant periods

  • Long term contract options (>1 year)

  • Absolutely no fees or commissions

    • No tenant finding fee

    • No inventory fee

    • No advertising fees

    • No management fees

  • Property contents fully insured

  • We also fully furnish and market the property - Adding value to your property

Commission based Management

  • Worry free management of your vacation rental property

    • Arrange Meet and Greet with Guests, Key Handling, Cleaning and all housekeeping.

    • We will handle all communication and bookings with guests.

  • Maximise your profits

    • We will advertise your property on 10+ Channels such as Airbnb, HomeAway, etc. and manage all the bookings under our platform. 

    • We will market your property on Social Media.

    • We will accept direct bookings on our website with no commission​.

    • We will utilise our unique Pricing Insights and software by maximising your profits. We can beat airbnb's pricing algorithm in almost every case. ​

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