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Why Sheffield?

Many people keep asking us why start a company in Sheffield and why in the North? Why not start a company in London? Well, while it's true that Sheffield's Economy is lately having a bumpy ride on the same time we believe that Sheffield is a great city and it has a great potential.

We consider ourselves as a tech company as well as a serviced apartment company and the North of England has lately seen a surge of companies like ours. The benefits to be based in Sheffield are many:

1. Sheffield is one of England's largest cities. The metropolitan area of South Yorkshire has a population of over 1.5M people and thus potential customers.

2. Sheffield is quickly becoming a great holiday destination.

2. Sheffield has an excellent pool of employees to hire from and one of the UK's top universities, The University of Sheffield, is based here.

3. The property market in Sheffield has not yet matured and is far from bubble territory like London and the south. House prices are still below the 2008 peak and key metrics such as average house price to average salary ratio are quite low.

More on this on the next blog post!

4. The Government plans to invest heavily in the North with the Northern power house investment fund and heavy investment in infrastructure like High Speed Rail 2.

5. Sheffield is a great place to call home. Happy employees, having a happy life in a city they love will certainly help the company to do well and grow! Sheffield was also voted as one of the happiest cities in the UK.

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