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Top 5 reasons to live in Sheffield

There are thousands of reasons to live in this beautiful city. However, these reasons have been carefully narrowed down to the top five very best reasons to move to the Steel City!

1. The countryside

Although Sheffield is a hub of exciting activity, minutes away is the beautiful, serene and tranquil scenes of the Peak District. The peak district national park is home to miles and miles of beautiful fields, hills, peaks, wildlife and pubs. It is the perfect place for a wide range of activities, such as; climbing, mountain biking, walking, hiking, camping or even just pub-lunching! There are various walking trails at different levels of difficulty and length. The national park stretches throughout Castleton, Edale, Bakewell and many more places. Each individual town in the Peak District has something exceptional to offer. Its crazy to think that all of this is just a stones throw away from the Sheffield city centre!

2. Henderson's relish

Is it a relish or is it a sauce? It's neither its the nectar of the gods some (Sheffielders) may say! One of the very best reason's to live in Sheffield is to experience first hand the true beauty that is, Hendos! Born and bread in Sheffield, Henderson's relish has been around for centuries, officially gracing the cafes and homes of Sheffield in the 19th century by it's founder Henry Henderson. This life-changing condiment, is the perfect blend of northern spice and accompanies - well, pretty much anything! Us Sheffielders enjoy it best with chips, rice and stews, but most of all - pies! To us northerners, a pie without hendos is like Romeo without Juliette, salt without pepper or Lennon without McCartney.

3. Music

That brings me perfectly onto my next point - music! Sheffield has been home to hundreds of musical greats throughout the decades. Sheffield has nurtured and raised the likes of Pulp, Richard Hawley, the Arctic Monkeys, the Human League, and the list goes on. All of these world wide famous stars started their musical journey right here in Sheffield. The city is constantly welcoming new, upcoming acts to take to the stage to begin their voyage to stardom.

4. The friendly people

Now, although I may seem biased (being from Sheffield and all) but Sheffield really is known as an overgrown village from the way that everyone knows each other. You can be certain that when riding a bus or when doing your weekly shopping, the bus driver or shop assistant will surely start to feel like your long lost auntie. There is no doubt that Sheffielders are the friendliest folk around and you're sure to always find someone to stop and have a chat with.

5. Affordability

We all know how expensive living in a big city can be, especially ones that are fun. lively and offer shed loads of cultural. Although Sheffield offers all of these qualities and more - it is still extremely affordable - at 19.17% cheaper than London for living costs. With the average wage in Sheffield coming in at roughly £25,000, majority of rented accommodation being between £500-£1,300/month and the average house price totalling to £180,000 - Sheffield is definitely an affordable option to both rent, buy and live. Your average pint of beer or glass of wine out will cost between £2.50-£3, with a meal out at a nice restaurant costing roughly £12. Sheffield definitely boasts a wide range of fun activities, all at affordable prices!

If you are relocating to Sheffield, why not have a look into our serviced apartments? We have a range of affordable studio apartments to upscale large penthouses. You can choose to stay from a few days up to a few weeks. At Homely Serviced Apartments we will help you get up to speed with your move to Sheffield until you find suitable permanent accommodation.

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