Great Sheffield Architecture: Old Vs New

Sheffield has some great architecture, both old a new. There was a lot of debate before with the Diamond building, part of the faculty of engineering of the University of Sheffield. However, the end result seems outstanding and it blends very well with the surroundings and the older buildings. The School Of Music as seen in picture below is also very interesting design with no windows. And a more traditional part of Sheffield such as the Sheffield Cathedral area where some of our apartments are but not far from the University and the buildings above.

Why Sheffield?

Many people keep asking us why start a company in Sheffield and why in the North? Why not start a company in London? Well, while it's true that Sheffield's Economy is lately having a bumpy ride on the same time we believe that Sheffield is a great city and it has a great potential. We consider ourselves as a tech company as well as a serviced apartment company and the North of England has lately seen a surge of companies like ours. The benefits to be based in Sheffield are many: 1. Sheffield is one of England's largest cities. The metropolitan area of South Yorkshire has a population of over 1.5M people and thus potential customers. 2. Sheffield is quickly becoming a great holiday destinatio

Airbnb Sublets

We just had the second guest this week contacting and telling us that they are getting evicted from their property, because their host was subletting the property on airbnb and the host found out. The issue with airbnb is that anybody can just advertise a property there while other websites such as HomeAway required us to prove that we either own the property or we have a contract with the landlord to sublet the property. I wonder how airbnb can scale and grow like this with no quality control! Airbnb has now apparently added Bridgestreet global, a serviced apartment company in the portfolio but let's see how this will eventually work out. At the moment booking directly with a reputable serv

The benefits of booking directly

We currently have agreements with the following travel agents: Citybaseapartments Airbnb With the exception of airbnb that they are absolutely horrible to work with ,all the other agents provide a reasonably good service but at a cost, which is passed on to the guests. The commission varies from 12.5% to 15% on the VAT price, which means that a serviced apartment supplier like ourselves will have to pay between 15% and 18% on the net price reducing almost all of our profit. When you book directly with us or any other hotel or serviced apartment provider, a lot of this cost will get passed on back to you either in the form of a discount on price or with more favourable cancellatio

Designing The Website

After 2 weeks of hard work the website is now in its beta version. A few issues that we are aware of are slow load times for certain pages with pictures so we plan to optimise these. Testing a website with a 100 Mbps fibre optic connection can definitely create the wrong impression! We also plan to add more content to the website and enrich the about us section according to feedback we received. Please let us know below in the comments for any other feedback that you might have! We have also added to the website our instagram account, where we got 494 followers in 2 weeks and also our twitter account as well as our facebook and google plus accounts, which currently have not much content but

Defining our values

When I left ARM, the microprocessor design firm, back in February to start Homely Apartments things were looking very scary. I was leaving one of the best companies to work for in the UK, a big salary and stability, to start a company in a completely different sector than the one I was in. However, working for the most innovative company in Europe and working among the brightest minds in this country has offered me not only great technical skills but also a work ethic to lead Homely Apartments with the same values and principles I learned in ARM. Our company values have been heavily influenced by ARM by keeping what is important for the serviced apartment industry. The following duo I believ

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