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Defining our values

When I left ARM, the microprocessor design firm, back in February to start Homely Apartments things were looking very scary. I was leaving one of the best companies to work for in the UK, a big salary and stability, to start a company in a completely different sector than the one I was in. However, working for the most innovative company in Europe and working among the brightest minds in this country has offered me not only great technical skills but also a work ethic to lead Homely Apartments with the same values and principles I learned in ARM.

Our company values have been heavily influenced by ARM by keeping what is important for the serviced apartment industry.

The following duo I believe is the most important:

  • Deliver on Our Promises

  • Continuously Improve

Deliver on the promise that we made to our customers to provide super fast and friendly customer support.

Deliver on our promise to provide quality accommodation.

Continuously improve our customer service and accommodation that we provide.

All employees at Homely Apartments live and breath these values.

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