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Choosing a Company Name: Homely Vs Homey

When we started the company we tried to come up with a name to use as a trade name. So we brainstormed a number of different names. Some of the ideas we had were:

  • Aspire Apartments

  • Top Residences

  • Prime Residencies

  • Select Living

Eventually we came up with Homely Apartments, because it was exactly what we want the company and our apartments to represent: a cosy and comfortable place to live, as in one's own home.

However, there was also the another word with the exact same definition: Homey.

The only difference between the two words is that Homely is British English and Homey is American English.

Not very difficult to choose, someone could argue, we are a British Company and the name should reflect that!

However, the problem is that we target international travellers and the second definition of Homely means ugly in American English! But Homey is not any better, because its second definition is Homie i.e. someone from the hood!

So putting these two words down:


1st Definition - British English: Cosy and home like

2nd Definition - American English: Ugly


1st Definition - American English: Cosy and home like

2nd Definition American English: Someone you know from your town or neighbourhood

It's interesting that in both the UK and the US homely started with the same definition of 'simple'/'unsophisticated' and then in the US changed to 'unattractive' and 'ugly' while in the UK the definition diverted to something 'Beautiful' and 'cosy'! More information on the history here.

We took the decision to go with but if you also type you will get redirected to our homepage. Therefore, we might change our name in the future.

For now what do you think, did we make the best decision to be called Homely Apartments and what do you think is the best name out of the two? Vote below or write in the comments!

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