The 5 Best Areas To Live In Sheffield | 2017


Home to over half a million citizens, Sheffield is a geographically diverse and vibrant city. The centre of the city is compact and easily navigable, while its suburbs are each unique and appealing in their own right. Situated at the confluence of five rivers and nestled between a range of hills, Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in Europe and an increasingly popular city to live in the UK.


While choosing the most suitable area depends on personal preferences and lifestyle demands, we created a list based on 3 factors:


  1. Lack of Economic Deprivation

  2. Affordability based on Average House Prices

  3. Liveability


The following five areas stand out as the best areas to live in Sheffield:

1. St. Paul's - S1


As a result of a major re-development, one of the best parts of the city to live in at the moment is the part of the centre surrounding St. Paul’s Square. This area of the city is suitable for individuals with a wide range of needs and interests. Overall, however, it is chosen most frequently by people who crave a busier and livelier city atmosphere as well as those who prefer walking rather than taking public transportation. Residents around St. Paul's enjoy easy access to the city's largest market — the Moor Market — as well as being well-connected to the rest of the city. In addition, this area offers easy access to major sights like Sheffield Cathedral and the Peace Gardens, allowing for a culturally rich experience that is only a short walk away.


The area around St. Paul’s offers a wide range of dining options and vibrant pedestrian areas, allowing residents to gain a great sense of the city culture and all of its local specificities. This part of the city has something to offer for everyone — students, young professionals and families with children all enjoy the centrality and convenience of living close to Sheffield. An added bonus of St. Paul's is the proximity to Sheffield Station, providing