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Top 6 Reasons to Choose A Serviced Apartment Over A Hotel

When choosing a place to stay in a new city, deciding between a serviced apartment and a hotel can be difficult. While a hotel may seem like the easier option, serviced apartments offer a number of huge advantages that make them the most comfortable and cost-effective way to explore a city like Sheffield. While we have discussed before the benefits of self catering accommodation, here are the top 6 reasons you should opt for a serviced apartment rather than a hotel:

1. Comfort

If you are looking for a congenial and cosy space where you will feel like you're at home, a serviced apartment is the best option for you. Flats like the ones we offer at Homely Apartments are a fantastic option if you are looking for clean, spacious lodging with added privacy. Unlike the restricted, impersonal space of a hotel room, an apartment will allow you to fully unwind and make the most of your time away from home. Serviced apartments offer most of the same amenities as hotels -- including wifi, housekeeping and no frills check-in/outs -- but in a more luxurious and comfortable setting. 2. Flexibility

One of the most important things about going on a holiday is the ability to remain flexible. Serviced apartments offer a number of advantages over hotels in this respect and make for a much more spontaneous and adaptable stay. For example, added amenities like a fully-equipped kitchen or a bathroom with a washing machine included might be a great option if you are travelling with kids. Also, if you have friends in Sheffield, you may decide to host a dinner party or invite them over for drinks -- activities that are nearly impossible when you decide to stay in a hotel. 3. Better value

Serviced apartments are generally a much more cost-effective option than hotels, offering more spacious and comfortable lodging for the same price. If you choose to book through Homely Apartments, you will also be able to take advantage of numerous discounts that we offer for longer stays in one of our serviced apartments. Hotels, on the other hand, offer very rigid pricing structures for their rooms and seldom take into account the specific needs of the customer. 4. Location, location, location

The problem with hotels is that they are often either located in sterile parts of the city close to the business centres, or in unattractive locations that are far from the city's main sights and sounds. On the other hand, serviced apartments are most often hand-picked for their central location and proximity to all of the city's landmarks. Another huge advantage of staying in an apartment is that it is usually positioned within an authentic local neighbourhood, allowing you to avoid feeling like just another tourist detached from the vibe and atmosphere of the city you are visiting. Our Figtree Apartments are a prefect example of apartments in a neighbourhood full of history and culture. 5. Local feeling

Whether you are planning a business trip or a tourist visit, it's always better to feel like you are spending time in the city itself rather than an impersonal hotel full of tourists. Hotel stays tend to be the same everywhere -- hotel food, hotel restaurants, bars, rooms and reception staff all tend to fit into a mould that will make your trip feel like every other one that you've taken. Staying in a serviced apartment on the other hand will allow you to feel that you are a part of Sheffield at least for a few days. Have a drink at a local pub, eat some local food and do as the Romans do. 6. Personalised approach

Booking a hotel is usually an impersonal process -- you select the type of room you want depending on the price and location of the hotel. Once you arrive, you are randomly allocated a room and, most of the time, you have very little say about the floor and side your room will be facing. On the other hand, selecting a serviced apartment allows you to choose from a variety of options based on your taste and style -- you have a much bigger choice in deciding what view your apartment will have and what neighbourhood you will be located in. If you have any doubts about which apartment to select through Homely Apartments, you can always contact us for a consultation and we'll be happy to find a place that will perfectly suit your needs and tastes.

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