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Top 12 Reasons to Visit Sheffield

There is a lot see and do in Sheffield if visiting for the first time. According to a new survey, Sheffield in the happiest city in the UK making it a must-visit destination this summer. From enjoying the region’s green places to listening to the local music, there is a lot to make your visit to Sheffield a happy one. The city is very close to the countryside and national parks like the Winter Garden and the Peace Gardens that are loved a lot by people. There is a lot that makes Sheffield a top destination to spend your weekend or summer holiday. The friendliness and resilience of the Sheffielders itself is a welcoming note. To help make your stay at Sheffield a great one, we have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why you must visit Sheffield. Sheffield is a great place to visit if looking for some great times away from your normal lifestyle. 1) Low-Cost Rail Fares

You can expect some of the lowest rail charges in Sheffield from rail companies like East Midlands Trains. The Rail Companies offer inexpensive train fares to Sheffield and cheap return tickets to major cities across the UK like London. The trains like the East Midlands are very comfortable offering first class cabins where passengers enjoy things like free Wi-Fi. Passengers on the standard class can browse for a little as 4 pounds a journey. This makes the journey to Sheffield quite enjoyable no matter the reason for visiting. The fact that you get value for your money while visiting Sheffield makes Sheffield a top destination in the UK to tour. Train offers come in handy when traveling with a group of friends or as a family. Concessions for parties of ten or more people are discounted making your trip inexpensive and enjoyable. 2) The beautiful Sheffield Parks

Sheffield is one of the places with the most natural breathtaking sceneries in the world. Sheffield has over 13 woodland and garden parks to visit. There are several public gardens that include the peace garden, botanical garden, and the Sheffield Winter Garden. There is also the Peak District National Park. Well, these are just but the big parks in Sheffield. There are several other small ones where you can relax and enjoy the cool evening breeze or just have a walking sightseeing.

sheffield winter gardens

The Winter, Peace, and Botanical Gardens are a great trio that gives the South Yorkshire City a green heart. The Peace Gardens are strategically located at an award-winning public square where it is easily accessible. The Gardens are surrounded by spectacular water features and gardens that make the place appealing and cool to spend your summer times. The Winter Garden, on the other hand, is a haven of architecture splendor that is cool to see. It features one of the largest temperate glasshouses in Sheffield. For those who love nature, the Botanical Gardens will present you with some of the most indigenous trees and shrubs collection. Trees and shrubs dating back to 1836 can be found in stunning glass pavilions. These are great places to visit and see what Sheffield has to offer regarding nature. 3) The Peak District

Sheffield is just a five miles away from the Peak District. If looking to get free time away from the bustle and hustle of the city, the Peak District has everything to offer regarding outdoor activities. The Peak District offers you a great opportunity to walk and experience the nature. It is Britain’s largest National Park and a place of outstanding beauty.

Peak District views

The Peak District is only 20 minute drive from our apartments

The Peak District has a great landscape ranging from gentle, limestone dales, rugged rocky outcrops, and open moorlands. Visitors get the opportunity to see the vast caves, stone villages, and natural springs. The Chatsworth also known as the Palace of the Peak is the country’s most stunning country house and one every visitor must see. The formal gardens and maze with the gardens are worth the 25-minute drive from Sheffield. 4) The Weston Park and Kelham Island Museums

The Weston Park Museum experiences thousands of people who flock there each year to see the various treasures. This is the only place in the country where you get to see the snowy polar bear, Egyptian mummies, live bees and the traditional butcher shops. These are an odd combination of treasures located at a single place in the UK. The Kelham Museum is a must visit standing alone in a manmade Island older than 900 years. The Kelham museum was opened in the year 1982 and has been revamped over the years. It is a must visit place offering archive materials that tell the history of the city. 5) Millennium Gallery and Yorkshire Artspace

If you love crafts, visual arts, and design, then visiting Sheffield can be fulfilling. The Millennium Gallery is an elegant, vibrant and innovative place with four individual galleries under the same roof. The gallery hosts all the masterpieces in Britain from the ancient ones to the current ones. National creations from both the famous and new artists can all be found in this place. Most of the masterpieces in the gallery are by artists who have benefited from the fine work of the Yorkshire Artspace studio which is by the biggest in the UK. The Yorkshire Artspace offers one of the most affordable workspaces for over 80 craftsmen and artists. 5) Splash out in Sheffield The Splash Project is one of the best places to let loose and have fun with family members when visiting Sheffield. The Splash Project is located at the old swimming House and Lido at the Millhouses, which is just a few miles from Sheffield town. The Lido, which was closed a few years back, has been opened to a beautiful pool and play area. Visitors from other parts of the UK visit the Splash out Project during weekends to spend quite times with family members. This is one of the activities you can engage in when visiting Sheffield to keep you busy and give you bonding time with friends and families. 6) Watching some Live Music

A trip to Sheffield is never complete without getting the chance to listen and watch some live music. Sheffield is well known for its love for music with great music legends having launched their careers at Sheffield. Indies legend Artic Monkeys, Richard Hawley and Pulp are some of the musicians whose success has given Sheffield some fame in the music industry. Despite most music celebrities visiting cities big cities like London, Liverpool and Manchester, Sheffield takes the top spot as the city with the highest number of venues with show live music. The Leadmill is one such good example that shows live music for both established and upcoming artists. If planning to visit in the summer, buy tickets for the Tramlines early in advance. 7) Shopping in Sheffield

If you love shopping, then Sheffield is your top destination this summer. Sheffield has a thriving shopping scene with almost everything to suit all styles and tastes. The people of Sheffield are diverse in every aspect, and you can expect to find something that you will love. Visitors who love unique designs can get something from Sheffield from some of the best designers in Sheffield. The high numbers of electric and fashionable streets give way to some of the best boutiques. In the heart of the City, you will get the Fargate offering some of the high street chains like John Lewis, Topshop, Marks and Spencers. These are great chains where you can shop for anything you want during your stay in the city. The Devonshire Quarter to the west is home design shops, electric boutiques, and cafes. If you want to sample some of the local delights, make a visit down the Ecclesall road which is better known as the bohemian part of the town. Here you will get more of the local delights. 8) The Food

If you want to sample different cuisines, then a visit to Sheffield will give you every opportunity to do so. There are different food joints across the city with different cuisines to sample. The good thing with Sheffield when it comes to food is the different prices in every joint to suit every wallet. No matter how much you have, you will never miss a good joint to enjoy some of the best foods that Sheffield has to offer. The local markets are filled with different types of food if you want to try something new when back home. From the delicious dim sum to the Indian curry, you can expect to enjoy your stay in Sheffield when it comes to food. Never leave Sheffield without ever tasting the magnificent Yorkshire pudding. Sheffield is culinary heaven on its own, and you can expect to go back home with some new menus in your mind.

The city also offers a wide variety of asian cuisine with our absolute favourite being Edo Sushi close to the Sheffield Cathedral. 9) The Crucible and Lyceum

crucible theatre as seen from st pauls apartments

View of the Crucible from one of our St Pauls Apartments

The 980-seat Crucible auditorium is another great attraction feature to make you visit Sheffield this summer. Built in 1971, the auditorium is the main producing center in Sheffield. The thrust stage is the main performance area built in a unique way. The thrust stage allows the audience to watch the performance on stage from three sides at a distance of just 22 meters. The Lyceum is another older theater opened in 1897 with a total of 1068 seats. It is a much older space that used to host different events before closing its doors in 1968. It then endured long spells hosting bingo and rock music before being renovated and opening in 1991. It is now a touring venue and one of the places to check out when in Sheffield. 10) The Sports in Sheffield

Well, if you are a fan of sports, then be sure to find something to watch while visiting Sheffield. The city is home to several top sports teams in the UK. Sheffield is home to two top football league clubs. We have Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday, which all play top football. These are two great teams to keep you busy during the weekend as you enjoy live football from the stadiums. These two teams have great fans that will surely make your day. If you manage to be there when they are playing each other then, you can expect a hell of a game. If you love ice hockey, then the Sheffield Steeler will make your day. They play top-flight ice hockey and are a very competitive team. The Sheffield Sharks play basketball while we have the Sheffield Eagles that play rugby a league below the super league. 11) The nightlife

Live never stops when dark gets in Sheffield as people in nightclubs and bars party all night. If you are party goer or would love to indulge in some night drinking in Sheffield, there are several nightclubs and bars that operate the entire night. If you want to go partying or clubbing, you are never away from a good club or some cool parties. You can grab a cab to take you to your room at any time of the night without any worries. The people of Sheffield are always active at all times which further go to describe their resilience character. 12) Go for a meal at the Milestone Gastro Pub

In Kelham Island, you will find the Milestone Gastro Pub, which by so far is the best Gastro Pub in the UK. The Pub offers some of the responsibly locally sourced foods unlike any Gastro Pub in the UK. Milestone has won numerous awards for their great detail to food. All the meat served in the Pub is range free and sourced from local farmers. The people of Sheffield are known to be unique in every aspect and even rear their type of pig that was born and raised in Sheffield. This is one place you must visit and sample the different types of food they serve. Whether visiting Sheffield for holiday or business, staying in our serviced apartments will give you a good value for money. We can offer you an ideal environment for a holiday to Sheffield. Choose our serviced apartments to make your stay in Sheffield as comfortable as possible.

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