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Why serviced apartments are great for families

Family Get Away – Serviced Apartments are Ideal

serviced apartment

Breathtaking isn’t it? Imagine yourself in a serviced apartment looking out the huge panoramic window at the mountains you will be hiking on tomorrow. There will be no hiking tonight, though. The street market below is just picking up steam, and everyone is excited to get out there and mix with the locals. This is not the sterile hotel environment of tight living spaces, organized activity, and expensive boutiques to be experienced with all your other hotel guests that are not from here. You have your freedom, agility and … what’s that smell coming from the kitchen? Wow, and my favorite dinner made just like home.

Serviced Apartments over Hotels Anytime

The issues of cost and convenience always seem to rise to the top when we think about booking accommodations for the family trip. The first thing that comes to mind is a hotel. Hey, they’re easy to find, and there are plenty of web apps out there that will pick you the best room for what you said you need. After you gert over the sticker shock of the cost per night, you also realize that you’re far away from the sites you actually want to see. Then, there is little Joey, who will have to have to sleep on the rollout bed that you will trip over in the middle of the night for that trip to the bathroom. Hey, I’m depressed already, and we haven’t even gotten on the airplane.

Did you know that serviced apartments are not hard to find either? Maybe, you just never thought to look for one. It’s as simple as typing those two words, serviced apartments, into a web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you add a city name to the search, you zero right in on where you want to go. Edinburgh? Hey, I’ve been there and stayed in a serviced apartment right up the street from Edinburgh Castle. Maybe Auckland, New Zealand has been tugging at you to make the trip. What do you have to gain? Well, there’s this …

And also this, less expensive rates. The bottom line is this according to well-established Apartments broker that has properties in Great Britain and Scotland, a 30% savings as compared to a hotel in the same city.

Yes, I hear you. How long do I have to stay to get that kind of rate? Well, even for the shortest of stays

Yes, I excluded food because it’s a wildcard depending on your style. However, there are cost savings to be realized here as well. The serviced apartment has a full kitchen that is equipped with whatever you need, just like home. I’m sure you’ve even realized the savings at your real home when you stay at home to eat vice going out to the restaurant. You’ll save on food here as well for the same reason.

Vacation Planning and Schedules

I label this as the opportunity to take a vacation on your terms. Schedules are hard enough to manage as it is and unforeseen circumstances can really muck up the works. Staying in a serviced apartment creates flexibility in an agile environment. Let’s say, your teenager doesn’t want to go to the wildlife safari and mix with the wild animals, but little Joey can’t wait and is chomping at the bit to get out the door. The serviced apartment is self-sustaining, much safer than a hotel and has a broadband connection to the Internet, TV and DVD player. Plus, the refrigerator is stocked with snacks. Yep, you have options, and everyone can do what they like without creating undue risk and safety concerns.

The Amenities

sheffield serviced apartments

We’ve talked about food and the options you have to save money if you are so inclined. However, in my mind is the opportunity to solve one of the biggest inconveniences of all time while on vacation. It’s all about having more than one bathroom. Imagine being able to use the facilities in the same manner as you do at home. At your time of the day, it never changes, you like to take the book to the john and just sit and read for an extended period of time. Or, for the morning preparations to get the day started, you can designate one bathroom for male use and the other for female use.

Let us talk about a place in the serviced apartment to just sit and relax. You tried to pack your favorite chair but for some reason, the airline balked at considering it to be luggage. There will be a private area in the serviced apartment with a chair just like you wanted. There wouldn’t be one in the hotel room and even if there were, Joey would have claimed it to watch TV anyway. So, I guess it’s back to the bed to create a pillow haven to get your privacy with your wife right next to you.

The Bottom Line

What it all comes down to with a serviced apartment is that you gain the familiarity of home without being at home. The comedian George Carlin used to do a skit about stuff that has relevance here. He traveled a lot and made it a point to take his comfort stuff with him on his trip. Most of it was small things that he would sit on the kitchen counter or the bedroom dresser to allow him to keep his sanity and be able to sleep.

The serviced apartment is decorated with furniture and knickknacks that do the same thing for you. It is designed to be a home, and every opportunity is taken to give it that feel and appearance. If you are relaxed and calm, imagine what that does to how you interact with the friends and family that came along on the trip. Even when the friends come over to your apartment for an evening of creating memories from the days events, there’s room for them around the table or in the living room. Everyone has a seat. That is a dream vacation if there ever was one.

Why not choose have a look at one of our serviced apartments in Sheffield and see and choose one to live in like a local?

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