Top 15 Free Things To Do In Sheffield

sheffield winter gardens

SHEFFIELD is a truly visitor-friendly city, offering numerous options for travellers on a tight budget. Whether you're interested in exploring one of the city's green areas, picnicking in a quaint spot or learning about the city's long and rich history, Sheffield has a range of options that are entirely free of charge. Take a look at the top 15 free things to do in Sheffield:

1. Explore Sheffield's Metalwork Collection at Millennium Gallery

sheffield Millennium Gallery

One of the best starting points for exploring a city like Sheffield is the rich history surrounding its steel manufacturing industry. Millennium Gallery's metalwork collection displays over 13,000 Sheffield-produced steel objects -- the largest collection of its kind in the UK. These items have been awarded Designated Status by the Arts Council England in recognition of their historical and cultural significance on a national level and are a must-see if you happen to be in the Sheffield area. The collection features beautiful steel cutlery, forks, spoons, bowls, teapots and a range of other unique steel products. Apart from offering an in-depth look at Sheffield's metalwork manufacturing, the Metalwork Collection also showcases the strong steel craft tradition of the area and celebrates the work of generations of Sheffield steel craftsmen and women.

2. Visit the Shepherd Wheel Workshop

Shepherd Wheel Workshop

Another must-see stop on the Sheffield steel tour is the Shepherd Wheel Workshop, a grinding workshop that dates back to the 16th century and is one of the last remaining landmarks of its kind in the Sheffield area. It is a water-powered workshop operated by a nearby dam within the Porter Brook valley in the southwestern part of the city. Visiting this workshop will give you an idea of the conditions skilled knife grinders worked in so as to produce top-quality sharp cutlery. You'll have an opportunity to hear different stories about what their lives looked like as well as learn about the workshop's important role in relation to Sheffield's steel industry. The workshop is also housed within a Grade II listed complex and the entire site is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, making the visit well worth the trip.

3. Go on the Sheffield Round Walk

sheffield round walk

If you'd like to stay in the southwest for the day, one of the best options is the Sheffield Round Walk. This 14-mile walk along the Porter Valley passes through beautiful woodlands and parks that are an ideal activity for nature-lovers, visitors interested in getting to know Sheffield's natural history as well as those needing some fresh air. The circular route begins in Endcliffe Park, passes through Porter Valley to Ringinglow, Limb Valley and Ladies Spring Wood and then passes through Gleadless Valley and Chelsea Park before returning to Endcliffe Park. While the Round Walk guide booklet itself is not free, there are large signs (featuring an acorn) all along the way, making it easy to follow without an official guide.

4. Take a Stroll Down the Victoria Quays

Victoria Quays sheffield

If a walk closer to the city centre is more appealing to you, going for a stroll around the Sheffield Canal Basin might be the perfect way to spend a peaceful afternoon. The Victoria Quays are also rich in history -- they acted as a cargo port since they were constructed in 1819 and played an important part in the city's trade until the 1970s. Unlike other cities' quay sides which are at times over-exploited, Sheffield's Victoria Quays are exempt from the commotion that characterises more commercial parts of the city. Stroll past some of the 19th century buildings that form the Victoria Quays complex -- the terminal warehouse, the grain warehouse and the coal merchant's offices -- and explore the fascinating way in which this part of the city has transformed over the years.

5. Do a Tour of the Full Monty Filming Locations

the full monty

If you're interested in the deindustrialization that occurred in the Sheffield area in the 1980s and 90s, you've probably seen the famous movie The Full Monty, a story about six unemployed Sheffield men who decide to form a striptease act to earn money. The city itself plays an important part in the film and is featured in several important scenes. If you're interested in retracing the steps of The Full Monty's cast and crew, consider visiting places like the Shiregreen Working Men's Club on Shiregreen Lane where the final strip scene was filmed or the West Street job centre at Bailey Lane made famous by the 'Hot Stuff' sequence when the lads are waiting in the unemployment queue. You'll also recognize the Sheffield Boxing Centre on Burton Street as the location where Gaz drops off his son at school. This movie is an integral part of the city's culture and deals with some of the most important themes in the city's recent history.

6. Visit Rare & Racy and Porter Book Shop

Another great way to become familiar with a new city's heritage is by visiting its secondhand bookshops. More often than not, these institutions display numerous volumes on the city's history, local music and arts and are frequented largely by locals. Some of Sheffield's most famous second hand bookstores are Rare & Racy, a 2-floor book and music shop located in Devonshire Street, as well as Porter Book Shop on Sharrow Vale Road. Both of these book stores are institutions in their own right and packed to the brim with worn and torn volumes read by many a book lover in the Sheffield area. If you're interested in spending an afternoon browsing rare titles, grab a coffee and visit one of these cozy shops for a truly unique and local experience.

7. Investigate 2Fly Studios

2fly studios

Interested in seeing where some of Sheffield's best musical acts were polished up? 2Fly Studios is one of the biggest names in music production and recording in the South Yorkshire area and has given rise to internationally-known bands by the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Richard Hawley, Reverend and the Makers as well as 65daysofstatic. 2FlyStudios is located in Harland Works on John Street -- go for a stroll around the area to see what inspired some of the best contemporary British bands as they were coming into their own.

8. Explore the Moor Market

sheffield moor market