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Top 5 Events That You Should Not Miss in Sheffield This October

Sheffield city centre

Autumn is a vibrant time of the year in Sheffield so if you happen to find yourself in the city in October, you'll have a range of events to choose from. From magic shows and hackathons to beer festivals, the Steel City has something to offer for the entire family. Here is a look at the top 5 events happening in Sheffield this October: 1. Sheffield Design Week, 20-30 October 2016

Sheffield Design Week is an annual event that showcases design talent in a range of creative disciplines and formats. By bringing together both local designers and international creatives, visitors will be able to see the best of the global design scene in a local setting. From fashion and technology to graphic design and architecture, for ten days Sheffield will host a range of talks, conferences and exhibits in different venues throughout the city. This year, the theme is "Design City" -- in addition to seeing a range of new works, you will be able to explore the role of the city in nurturing Sheffield's strong cultural identity. 2. Out of this World -- Sheffield Festival of Sci-Fi, Magic and Horror, 23 October 2016

For the third year in a row, Sheffield is hosting the Out of this World festival -- an event that celebrates sci-fi, illusion, magic and horror. Just like previous years, the festival will be free and will take place throughout the city. Whether you want to spend quality time with your child or you're a grownup magic-lover looking for something to do on Sunday, the Out of the World Festival is the place to be. 3. Street View: Photographs of Urban Life, starting 15 October 2016

Sheffield has its fair share of cultural offerings and most museum collections are accessible throughout the year. However, if you're looking for something new and fresh to see, make sure you don't miss the new exhibit at Graves Gallery starting October 15th. 'Street View: Photographs of Urban Life' is a display of the Sheffield Museum's collection of Sheffield-themed photographs spanning a time period from the early 1900s until the present day. If you are interested in Sheffield city life, this fantastic exhibition should be at the top of your list. 4. Hack Sheffield, 15-16 October 2016

Hackathons are becoming an increasingly popular format for people to meet and engage in stimulating software programming. This year, the University of Sheffield is hosting its second annual hackathon so if you are a student interested in computer programming, Sheffield is the place to be this October! Registration is free and the University of Sheffield promises to provide WiFi, power and food as well as a space to catch some Z's during the 24-long marathon. 5. Sheffield's 42nd Annnual Steel City Beer and Cider Fest, 19-22 October 2016

If you are a beer or cider lover, this is the event for you. For four days, Kelham Island Industrial Museum will transform into a beer and cider paradise, offering a choice of over 200 ales, ciders and craft beers from all over the world. Apart from the delicious beverages, there will also be live music as well as a number of delicious food options. And don't worry about purchasing tickets in advance -- you can just pay at the gate!

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